Daniel Kinn Biography

Daniel Kinn Biography

A little more background on me… as I mentioned I am a PGA Professional and I am currently working for Titleist as a Sales Representative. I am 28 years old and have been playing golf since age 9, and I’ve been working in the industry since 2005. It is safe to say golf is my life…but more importantly golf is my passion. I graduated from Clemson University in ’09 (GO TIGERS!) after a decent junior career. At Clemson I studied Professional Golf Management. Truth is I play to a +2 handicap or so, but I don’t nearly have the short game precision to make it on the PGA TOUR. Bottom line is I am a Titleist super fan. I have played Titleist since I started out through my junior career, all through college, and I was a Titleist Staff Player before I started employment with Acushnet. My goal is to play in a handful of NJ PGA Section events every year. I have competed in two PGA Professional National Championships and was only one stroke away from the PGA Championship at Valhalla in 2014. I took the 2015 season off from competition since I was getting acclimated to my new job. Below are a few links to my past results in PGA Section and National Events.

2014 PGA Professional National Championship

2013 PGA Professional National Championship

2014 Results

2013 Results

I currently live in northern NJ, and my territory is the NY/NJ Metro area. Golf club fitting is the majority of my day to day duties. I love the process of rolling up my sleeves and finding what set make up and specs will take each player’s game to the next level. I will be honest, I truly believe Titleist makes the best performing golf clubs for players of all abilities that are serious about their games and are trying to improve. With that said I am open minded and will tell it how it is. Also, I understand that golfers are not robots and the feel/look/confidence of a particular golf club always plays a role in on-course performance.

The purpose of this website is to provide unbiased information, comparative data, and general fitting advice that can help golfers of all abilities improve and achieve their playing goals. I am fortunate to have vast resources at my disposal and I plan on conducting tests I feel appropriate as well as whatever you all ask for. On top of these tests, I will provide detailed tips and information on a broad range of topics to help you shoot lower scores! Please subscribe to the newsletter so you never miss out on any valuable information and I welcome any and all comments.

Thank you and Enjoy!


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